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EWI Chapel Performace #1 - Greg Sinibaldi
EWI Chapel Performance #2 - Greg Sinibaldi
Little Church - Greg Sinibaldi

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Short Bio

Innovative saxophonist and composer Greg Sinibaldi has established himself as one of the Northwest’s most inventive musicians, embracing a diverse musical world. Whether he’s performing with his own groups, playing in metal bands, or performing on the EWI, he brings forth a characteristic and unique voice each time he performs. Inspired by a wide range of music and art, Greg has developed a unique improvisational language, creating a virtuosic and rich sonic palette.


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"Baffling electronic wizardy... Like nothing I've ever heard before" - The Stranger


"Spellbindingly beautiful." - Monsieur Delire


"... in some of the more introspective pieces here, there is certain a solemn feeling in the feeling. One that says ‘don’t move, don’t breath, sit down and listen’" = The Vital Weekly


"Challenging and easily embraceable at the same time" - Something Else


"It’s another musical journey full of twists and turns, and a fine example of the magic that this boldly imaginative quartet conjures up time and again. Definitely recommended." - Stuart Kremsky


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Stage Plot

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